In person Overglaze workshops

It has been argued that clay is always about itself, yet it is one of the most successful mimics in art.  A work of ceramic art conveys meaning of its own kind.  To achieve the full potential of this meaning today, the ceramic toolbox needs to be extended and updated.  To date, Overglaze has been seen as being solely in the Porcelain/China Painters’ realm whereas, historically, overglaze is just another layer in the ceramic continuum
My own background is that being of a practicing ceramic artist since 1971 who has developed a passion for Overglaze and become self taught in the above technologies whilst searching for the best methods of evolving my work. Presently in my work, I use a crossover of printmaking techniques within the realm of Overglaze. This hybridisation has led to very personal approaches to my work. 
I think of myself as an explorer and innovator within my field.  I am attempting to bring Overglaze, which encompasses china paints and lustre, into our contemporary thinking and hope that I can influence others into these different approaches as the china painting world was dying at a rapid rate. I have the mind of a potter and not a painter. I love a challenge and it is this that keeps driving my work forward.
I am passionate about sharing the knowledge ad skills that I have acquired
However, to participate in these workshops you do not need to have any ceramic skills. Overglaze can be used on pre-made ceramic items, be they commercial dinnerware, upcycled or new, china or porcelain items as well as tiles. I teach all these workshops using commercial wall tiles.
I teach a variety of different Overglaze, design and printmaking techniques relevant to ceramics. 

2 day Lustre and Gold Workshop

Day 1 Investigation of the nature of lustres:   Comparison of the effects of base glazes on lustres:   Preparation of surfaces for lustres: Methods of application of lustres:   Care of brushes etc:   Preparation of individual lustre palettes by participants:   Firing of lustre palettes:   Video presentation
Day 2 Discussion of the results of firing tests:   Examination of application and firing defects:   Demonstration and hands on of different techniques eg: resists, pastes, textures, pen work, gold leaf etc Firing techniques and tips:   Layering of lustres:  Demonstration of typical working techniques (small platter showing how surface effects are achieved in personal work)
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2 day Decal Workshop

During the course of this workshop students will
• investigate the nature of decals: learn how to apply decals: learn how to fire different decals to their optimum temperature
• learn how to recognize application and firing faults: learn how to combine decals with other overglaze techniques
• investigate layering with decals: learn how to fire photographs on to porcelain
During the course of the workshop participants will also
• learn how to create, print and fire their own Laser Decals
• learn how to find the optimum temperature to adhere Laser Decals on their own glazes
• Learn how to work with Colour Sheet Decals, Commercial Decals
and Texture Decals
• learn how to prepare designs ready for Digital Colour printing and Bespoke screen printed decals.
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2 day Sand etching/sand carving workshop

This workshop focuses on the use of the computer to design stencils. These will then be cut with a plotter/cutter to use as masks for etching glazed surfaces and for carving bisqued surfaces.
All aspects of computer design software, an inexpensive plotter/cutter as well as sand blasting will be covered in this demonstration/hands on workshop.
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2 day "Shifting the Boundaries" workshop

This workshop shows how new technologies can be easily accessed for the more computer challenged individual. 
This involves:
Setting up the computer with free open source graphics software.  
Accessing and utilizing electronic clip art
Using the computer to manipulate images and drawings to make them suitable for use as computer cut vinyl stencils, laser decals and transparencies ready for making photographic silk screens.     
Demonstrating the use of an inexpensive portable vinyl cutter
Printing laser decals and transparencies for photographic silk screens. 
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5 Day "Just another Layer" workshop

This workshop is a combination of all the above 2 day workshops.
As such, it incorporates learning about computer design, lustre, gold, enamels, decals, laser decals, sandblasting and etching, as well as insights into Johanna’s personal working techniques. 
No prior ceramic experience is necessary.  All techniques will be taught using commercial tiles and dinnerware which will be supplied.
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