Sublime Beauty

All our Actions are building our Ship for sailing the Universe on our constant Trip

through the Worm holes  of Space and Time that separate Life from all that is Sublime.


Copyright Ted DeMaine: Passport of Love,

                                  Album “The Shark & the Crow” 2006

This show takes it name from the installation “Sublime Beauty”  which is a grouping of 2 individual pieces  “Bamboo Grove” and “Serenity”.  

I use the word sublime as a metaphor for my my life’s journey.  Sublime conjures up many responses, with the Beauty/Sublime dichotomy being the most prevalent.  Whereas beauty generates a feeling of peace and harmony, the sublime challenges the senses, imagination and understanding.  

In this work I explore the notion that the sublime is an extension of beauty.  The work  explores my inner and outer space through the use of preciousness.  I do this this through the use of higher levels of skill, precious materials and contemporary technology whilst actively pushing all to their limits. 

In this journey my inspirations come not only from my responses to my husband’s poems/lyrics  but also the superb Chinese ceramics and paper cuts that I encountered during my Chinese journeys.


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