Some thoughts about my work

Form has always been central to my work; the three dimensional presence that draws the eye, and displaces space, in such a way as to create a communication of beauty, inviting the viewer to a closer intimacy.

Thirty years ago, I set out to involve the viewer in a deeper conversation and invite an intimacy that transcends time and preserves the concepts of Beauty. I believed that I could achieve this through the inspiration of Matisse in the way he used repetitive pattern.  But along the way I was seduced by the sensuality of Klimt’s work and by the understanding of raising the everyday to the ceremonial.

In my work I also explore the notion that the sublime is an extension of beauty. The work explores my inner and outer space through the use of preciousness. I attempt to achieve this through the use of higher levels of skill, precious materials and contemporary technology, whilst actively pushing all to their limits. With my work, I have invited the viewer to have a deeper conversation and emotional connection to the story that the marks on the  surface convey. I do this through layering and etching the surface to embrace Matisse’s cutouts and Chinese paper cuts. 

The reflective surface of my work invites the viewer’s image to become part of the narrative, through an involvement in beauty and perception via the eye to the imagination.

The use of mountains in my work refers to higher states of mental development, understanding, awareness, as well as a challenge or obstacle to overcome. 

The Tree of Life has served as an icon to the reaffirmation of life for multiple cultures and generations and is also emblematic of life cycles, a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. 

Butterflies and bugs further reinforce rebirth and transformation whilst the use of the turtle symbolizes longevity and stability. 

The colours used further reinforce the notions of healing, wisdom, value, creativity, energy or power, together with innocence and purity.

Some thoughts on my use of layering and landscape.

Man has many layers

pull away the layers to reveal the person

add on layer after layer to show the complexities of life

nothing is simple

we are all influenced by our surroundings and by history

every layer is of equal importance

sum of the total layers = the whole

landscape is layered with many layers of man’s intrusion

celebrate the landscape

just as humans constantly reinvent themselves so does the landscape

landscape is a product of man’s intrusion

layering offers an experimental approach to my work

through ceramic collage I can explore “what if”

building up layers and consequently exposing what is hidden goes hand in hand with layers of history/time/man

Johanna De Maine 2023

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