Sublime Beauty

This show takes it name from the image “Sublime Beauty”  which is a grouping of 2 individual pieces  “Bamboo Grove” and “Serenity”.   I use the word sublime as a metaphor for my my life’s journey.  Sublime conjures up many responses, with the Beauty/Sublime dichotomy being the most prevalent.  Whereas beauty generates a feeling of peace and harmony, the sublime challenges the senses, imagination and understanding.  

Landscapes of the Mind

We all inhabit two separate but interrelated landscapes: the physical that surrounds us and the mental of our inner being, the latter often being referred to as the “state of the soul”.    The intersection of these landscapes is moderated by the body, memory, culture and history.

This exhibition “Landscapes of the Mind” explores the relationship between the shape, texture and topography of these spaces using the symbols, myths, folklore  and natural habitats of my environment.

Sailing my Universe

We are all at the centre of our own universe.  This collection of work is a visual record of my universal journey at this time.  The vessels are the sum of my fingers on the clay and the marks on the clay surface record my life and surroundings through the symbolism employed. My art is the sum of my hands and my heart expressed through many layers.

Many years ago I set out on the journey of emulating Matisse cut-outs as well as Chinese paper-cuts to express my marks on the fired clay surface and now also in the clay itself.

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