JOHANNA DEMAINE(Cert teach, B. Ed, B.A, Grad Dip Vis Arts, MFA, Churchill Fellow 2001)
1948 Born Rotterdam, Holland
1954 Emigrated with parents to Australia
1973-75 Travelled S.E. Asia and settled in UK
1975 Returned to Australia
2001 Twelve week research project in Europe and UK as a Churchill Fellow
1997-98 B. A Computer Based Art & Design: USC, Sunshine Coast
1996 B. Ed: QUT, Brisbane
1994-95 MFA: QUT, Brisbane
1992-93 Grad Dip Vis Arts: Monash University: Gippsland
1974-75 “A” level Art and Design, Ceramics: UK
1966-67 Certificate of Teaching, Secondary: QUT, Brisbane
2013  Workshop/demonstration Vic Greenaway
2010 4 week Summer school Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute to study overglaze enamelling
2008 Residency SanBao Ceramic Institute, Jingdezhen, PR China
1995-011 Master Classes: Paul Davis, Ted Secombe, Mathius Ostermann, Bob Connery, Jack Doherty, Peter Beard
1995 Master Classes: Alan Watt, Hiroe Swen, Jeff Mincham, Tom Coleman (USA), Greg Daly, Robin Hopper (Canada)
1990 Master Class: Byron Temple (USA)
1981 Master Class: Robin Hopper (Canada)
1975-81 Certificate, Flying Art School, Qld
2012 Demonstrator, The Australian Ceramics Triennale, Adelaide
2010 Presenter, Woodford Folk Festival
2009 Demonstrator, The Australian Ceramics Triennale Sydney
2006 Panellist and demonstrator, Verge, National Ceramic Conference, Brisbane
2003 Presented paper on Overglaze, Ignition, National Ceramic Conference, Bendigo
2001 3 months research in Europe and UK as a Churchill Fellow.
1999 Presented paper, Edge, National Ceramic Conference, Perth
1996 Presented paper, National Ceramic Conference, Canberra
1990 Member of Accreditation Committee, Bureau of Employment, Vocational and Further Education and Training
1989 Committee member for planning of 6th National Ceramics Conference, Brisbane
1988 Present paper on Salt glazing, National Ceramics Conference, Sydney,
1988 Member Curriculum Committee for Certificate of Ceramics, TAFE, Qld
1983-87 Board Member, Crafts Council, Qld
1997-13 Numerous workshops for groups.
1997 Sessional lecturer Ceramics, USC, Sunshine Coast
1997 Visiting Artist, Landsborough State School,
1997 Various workshops throughout Qld
1996 Integration of Clay, Asian and Environmental Studies: Nambour State, School,
1996 Consultancy in Asian Awareness studies, Noosa SHS
1995 Consultancy for Advanced Ceramics Unit, Uniquest UQ
1985-87 Ceramics Consultant, Brisbane College of Advanced Education, QUT
1984-86 Tutor for Flying Art School, Brisbane College of Advanced Education
1981 Established existing workshop and gallery at Landsborough
1976-77 Established workshop at Calliope
1968-71 High School Teacher.